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Selasa, 27 Januari 2009


Photo XXX
Waktu habis minum di t4x Mas Toy, Nihhh Tomnya dah Glodeh ta bergoyang Lagi,,,,
Eeee mas Ati2 jatuh... Ntar jatuh baru tahu rasa heheh Koleh deh!!!!!!!!!!

Galucho Freaitas

Si Ganteng dari Leo-pa Liquica. sekaran sedang aktif kuliah di salah satu perguruan tinggi dimalang- Universitas Tribuhwana Tungadewi (UNITRI) Pria yang sering disapa Pyto ini mempuinyai sosok yang menarik dalam pergaulan sehari-hari dan Mempunyai tipe yang sederhana dan Zentelmen, wahhhh kayaknya ngak ada yang ditantanggi,

Imoet Githo Lhooooo.


Quem vem e atravessa o rio,junto à Serra do Pilar,vê um velho casarioque se estende até ao mar. Quem te vê ao vir da Ponteés cascata sanjoaninaerigida sobre um monte,no meio da neblina,por ruelas e calçadas,da Ribeira até à Foz,por pedras sujas e gastase lampiões tristes e sós. Esse teu ar grave e sériodum rosto de cantariaque nos oculta o mistériodessa luz bela e sombria. Ver-te assim abandonadonesse timbre pardacento,nesse teu jeito fechadode quem mói um sentimento...e é sempre a primeira vez,em cada regresso a casa,rever-te nessa altivezde milhafre ferido na asa.

Que saudade do teu cheiro
Da tua pele macia
Do calor do teu abraço
Quando eu me sinto fria.
Saudades das tuas mãos
Quando tu me acaricias
Das palavras carinhosas
Que aos meus ouvidos dizias.
Do jeitinho com que me falas
Do teu maroto sorriso
Dos carinhos com que me embalas
De tudo isso, eu preciso!

Meu Amor

Hau ho Amor no kolega sira coro iha loron Cruz jovent tama iha distrito liquica.

The Daily Telegraph of layno

"I know things might never be the same again and nobody can give me a definite answer about whether I'll play guitar again, but I'm getting back on track with their help."Cox also revealed details about how he initially dealt with his illness, telling The Daily Telegraph: "It was so strange because it came out of the blue and when I was told I thought 'I'm too young for this'. It was difficult to take in because I thought strokes only happened in older people and I'd always been in pretty good health.

Kamis, 06 November 2008

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Liquiça Statistics
Capital: Liquiçá
Area: 543 km²Ranked 12th
Inhabitants: 54,834 (2004)Ranked 8th
Pop. density: 101.0 inh./km²Ranked 3rd
No. of households: 11,063 (2004)Ranked 10th
ISO 3166-2:TL-LI
Subdistricts:Bazartete, Liquiçá, Maubara
HiStories still linger of a Japanese Army Colonel shot and killed from a distance by an Australian SAS sniper during the second World War, in front of hundreds of East Timorese witnesses. No one is sure of the date, nor is anyone exactly positive that it is folklore, legend, or if it really happened. But it sets the tone for the Liquiçá experience.
Liquiçá has a history steeped in beauty, with an overcast of sorrow and pain.
During the beginning of the Portuguese occupation, the Maubara subdistrict, part of the Liquiçá territory, was taken by the Netherlands. The Maubara Dutch fortification near the beach is well-preserved and still has the original cannon that once overlooked the bay. Later, Portugal negotiated with Holland and exchanged it for Flores Island, which was occupied by the Portuguese at that time. Maubara is also the location where the dreaded militia group Besi Merah Putih was first formed. [1]
During the Indonesian occupation, the Indonesian government did construct many buildings in Liquiçá, but after the referendum of 1999 and during the militia`s campaign almost everything was destroyed. Most notably, many East Timorese were murdered during the Liquiçá Church Massacre of April 1999. In September 1999 an American police officer serving with the International Police was shot (though not fatally) by pro-Indonesian forces while the UN was evacuating Liquiçá. [2]
From September through November 1999, life came back to Liquiçá, as UN Peace Keeping Forces from Portugal set up a base in Maubara, and the International Police set up its headquarters in downtown Liquiçá. Originally, there were 14 International Police assigned to Liquiçá, representing Sweden, Canada, Great Britain, Ghana, Malaysia, and the United States. It was in Liquiçá that the first International Police officer for the East Timor mission died, as a result of contracting dengue fever; he was from Ghana. During this period, the International Police occupied the very same church compound location where the Liquiçá Church Massacre had played out. The peacekeeper military element for Liquiçá were Portuguese Marines. Liquica was also the main base of operations for the UNTAET Crime Scene Detachment.

Liquiçá District is situated on the northern coast of East Timor, and borders the distrticts of Dili (containing the national capital) to the east, Aileu to the Southeast, Ermera to the south, and Bobonaro to the southwest. To the northwest lies the Savu Sea. The district has a population of 55,058 (Census 2004) and an area of 543 square kilometers. The district is identical to the district of the same name in Portuguese Timor. Its subdistricts are Bazartete, Liquiçá and Maubara.
Widely known as a beautiful location, it has a breath-taking view of the Ombai Strait, which is most visible as you drive into Liquiçá from Dili, rounding the last mountain curve before descending into the valley. The beaches are rocky, as are most beaches on East Timor, but nonetheless beautiful. The river that flows down to the sea from the mountains is dry, except during the monsoon season. During this time, the main road washes out several times, and is repaired each time by the local population. The only downside to its beauty is the large population of mosquitoes which carry both the deadly diseases malaria and dengue fever.
In addition to the national official languages of Tetum and Portuguese, nearly all of the inhabitants of Liquiçá speak the Malayo-Polynesian language Tocodede.

Palacio Do Guverno- Dili- Timor Leste

Layno De Jesus

Chiled Timor